How many times have you struggled with the thought of giving your career a boost? Or maybe you have entertained the prospect of a secure job for a long time.

If we are talking about reliable careers, dentistry always makes a good case. Especially with what a dental assistant school in GA has to offer.

The world will always need as many dentists as it can get. And with a good dental specialist, comes a dedicated dental assistant as well.

After making up your mind, you need to think in perspective and weigh in the pros and the cons. But no matter how you take it, you will never be at a loss.

There’s an Ongoing Demand in the Industry

With dentistry being a fast-growing industry, there will always be high demand for staff in the field.

Increasing demand leads to job security. How many other industries can grant you this? Even among the other medical fields, dentistry is one of the most appealing career prospects.

The Payment and Career Status Can Easily Go up

With a dental assistant job, the salary won’t be a major concern.

On the contrary, dental assistants’ salaries are on the rise, with an average of $74,000 as of August 2016 – easily above the average US income.

Whatever income you will get at first, it will surely rise as you gain more experience. Add to that the career growth opportunities and the advantage is obvious.

If you are committed, your duties can be extended to:

  • Becoming a Dental Hygienist
  • Pursuing an Expanded Function Dental Assistant role
  • Aiming for a dentist career

You might also take into consideration shifting the focus to positions like:

  • Office Manager
  • Dental Laboratory Technician
  • Teacher/Thought Leader in Dentistry

You Can Easily Work with People after Graduating from a Dental Assistant School in GA

You will get to meet loyal clients and create bonds with them. That is an excellent way of meeting acquaintances and getting in contact with unexpected opportunities.

For instance, while talking to the patient, they might mention a vacant position at some company. That comes in handy if one of your relatives would be looking for a job.

But, above all, you will get a lot of feedback. And feedback is key to your career going forward.

Our Dental Assisting School Is Time-Efficient

If you have doubts regarding time, fret no more. Our facility is the only dental assistant school in GA where you only need eight weeks to complete the course.

Mind you – this is possible because we are focused on hands-on learning. Your time is well-invested in practical matters alongside dentists.

Increased Career Mobility

We have listed the most obvious career advantages a dental assisting school in GA offers you.

But there is an often neglected aspect when it comes to jobs: Your personal growth. A good salary may not be enough when it’s not accompanied by great mobility.

With a dental assistant career, mobility comes from the variety of tasks:

  • Dental radiographs
  • Treatment procedures
  • Patient medical history
  • Oral care instructions
  • Office management tasks

All these are responsibilities that keep you moving and keep you constantly up-to-date with what’s going on around you.

Aside from the responsibilities, you will get an ongoing education. Keeping in touch with medical news and procedures is not only essential but also keeps everything exciting. And it’s not often that you get an impressive job.

From what you have read, you can see why dental assisting is a complex, but also exciting career choice.

Whether you are at the start or the middle of your career, it’s hard to neglect the positives that come with attending a dental assistant training program.

Still not convinced? You can always request a tour at DAS Georgia today.

Written by administration