About us

Our goal is to prepare students with the real-life skills that they will need in the dental office. Hands-on learning with dentists in a dental office is what separates us from the other schools. Our students train side-by-side with experienced dental assistants to prepare them for a exciting career in dental office.

You will gain knowledge of the basic dental sciences, proficiency in laboratory and clinical skills, and practical experience.

Our state-of-the-art dental assisting training provides students the training and hands-on experience required to pursue successful careers in the exciting field of Dentistry.

At Dental Assisting School of Georgia, you will get the education and training needed to begin working as a professional dental assistant. Our classes combine traditional classroom lectures and hands-on training in a real dental office setting. You will be trained in valuable clinical, radiographic and administrative procedures.

Here is how you benefit when you enroll in and attend DASGA classes:

  • Our program is the only eight week dental assisting program available in the entire state of Georgia, start your new career quickly!

  • You can attend the training programs during Saturdays. This means you can keep your current job and income until you graduate and enter your new profession.

  • Tuition at the Dental Assisting School of Georgia is very economical, it is a small investment to enter a profession that will reward you for a lifetime.

  • The program is taught in a real dental office, with modern equipment and the latest technology!
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