Have you decided to pursue a career in dental assisting? The next logical step is to get the proper qualification that will help you thrive in this exciting career.

However, with so many dental assisting schools that all claim to be the best, it’s hard to discern which ones are worth the investment.

To help you out, we’ve shared pointers on how to recognize those schools and programs that are just not worthy of your money.

All Theory and No Practical Experience

Knowing the fundamental theory is paramount for being successful as a dental assistant. However, it’s hardly enough. You also need to put the theory into practice.

Most employers look for candidates who can display practical workplace skills. The only way to gain such abilities is through hands-on learning.

When researching dental assisting schools, have these questions in mind:

  • Does the school offer any practical experience?
  • Does the school offer you the chance to interact with real patients?
  • Will you feel confident working in a real dental office post-graduation?

No? Nope? Not really? If the school you’re looking at doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s best to keep looking.

Not Providing a Fit Space for Learning

An excellent school is one that will offer you the training you need to get started right away. That includes gaining the knowledge and experience that will help you feel comfortable in a dental office.

It’s crucial to choose a school that will allow you to get familiar with all the equipment typically found in a dental office. After all, that will be your new workspace, and you’ll want to make a good impression from day one.

We know how important it is for students to have access to modern equipment and the latest technology. That is why we teach our program in a fully equipped, real dental office.

You can request a tour and get a first-hand look at our facility and equipment.

Watch out for Dental Assisting Schools That Are Not Licensed

The educational requirements for dental assistants in Georgia don’t enforce education.

However, the dental practices that contract dental assistants are a lot more likely to choose experienced candidates who received qualification through an authorized program.

Consider this aspect when looking at dental assisting schools if you want to increase your chances of getting hired.

Our program is licensed by the Non-Public Post-Secondary Education Commission. 

You can receive your dental certification in only eight short weeks and start your career right away.

You can find out more about our school and what we can offer you here.

Now You Know

We hope you now have more insight to help you make a smart decision about your future as a dental assistant. Use this information so you don’t waste your time and money and get a good start in your career!

If you decide we’re the right school for your, you’ll be happy to know we’re currently accepting applications!

Our spots always fill up fast so make sure to register as soon as possible.

Written by administration